According to the Bible, marriage is a holy covenant before God (Gen 2:24), and therefor entering into such a covenant should not be taken lightly. Anyone who is, or has been, married will surely agree. However, after the sound of the wedding bells have faded, the hard work starts. Yes, marriage takes effort, and decisive […]

It is amazing to what extreme lengths God went to make sure that only one person in all of history could ever qualify as His Messiah – Jesus Christ.  God gave very specific information about the Messiah’s birth, His life, His ministry, and then even more detail about exactly how He would die, why, and […]

When I think of Easter and Jesus who has given His life for us on the cross so that we could live (John 3:16) I cannot help but think of His resurrection three days later. Jesus’ death on the cross is the saddest incident in the history of mankind; which has been transformed to the […]

Celebrating a different kind of love

Christians today face unique challenges and The Word for Today devotional on Radio Pulpit is a tool to help us to remain anchored in Christ.

We are living in times in where giving up on God, life and each other happen more and more.

What does the word ‘Love’ mean to you? To each person, it has a different meaning. And the phrase ‘Live Love’? Again, each person interprets it differently. Living out love can be; giving a hug to your family or going to a welfare organisation and handing out soup to people in need. It can even […]

Salvation did not motivate God to give his Son to us. His LOVE for us motivated him.

Did God send the COVID-19 pandemic? Businesses are closing, relationships are falling apart and people are dying. And we cannot help but wonder where God is in all this? Our faith is challenged when we start doubting his goodness and faithfulness. Janine has a message for you that will help you navigate through these troubled […]

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