Radio Pulpit Appoints New CEO

Written by on 16 Oct 2020

Rev. Karel Verhoef, previously Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Radio Pulpit 657AM, has been appointed as the Christian radio station’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

It follows the resignation of Dr Roelf Petersen from his post as Executive Director (ED) of the Pulpit Media Group (PMG) after twenty years of service.

Karel Verhoef has been working at Radio Pulpit for 24 years and has extensive knowledge of the Station’s operations. He is also an ordained reverend in the Dutch Reformed church.

Radio Pulpit CEO Vision

His vision for Radio Pulpit includes:

  1. Being a reliable, relevant and impactful Christian media voice in SA.
  2. Being an agile and fast adaptable media organisation in SA in the digital era.
  3. Being a trustworthy corporate citizen of South Africa.
  4. Being a reliable steward towards the donors of Radio Pulpit.

Karel also served on the following bodies in the media industry:

  • Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) commissioner for 8 years, representing the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).
  • Association of Christian Media (ACM): Vice-Chairperson.
  • DRM SA platform (pioneering digital radio in DRM format in SA).
  • A judge at the MTN Radio Awards and Liberty Life Radio Awards.
  • United Christian Broadcasters Africa (UCB Africa): Board member of this African leg of United Christian Broadcasters International.

In addition, he has obtained degrees in Theology, Education and Psychology, completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Northwest University (NWU) and is a psychometrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

Karel served the Dutch Reformed Church at the Pierre van Ryneveld Community Church for the past 24 years, where he is responsible for music and community projects. He is married to Jonellda, Senior HR Officer at Vista Clinic. They have two children, Jo-ane (first-year student at the University of Pretoria) and Karel Jnr (Grade 12).

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