It’s time to sing a new song

Written by on 3 Jul 2021

It’s time to sing a new song because it’s our darkest hour. Millions across the world are facing unthinkable loss, hardship and uncertainty. Let the children of God raise their voices to sing a new song.

Ruth’s journey

I am sure Ruth sang a new song of joyous jubilation when the Lord intervened and turned her circumstances around. A new day certainly dawned on her, but what precedes that day of victory?

She was the Moabite daughter-in-law of Naomi. After her husband passed away, she chose Naomi’s way of life and her faith above the numerous gods and cultures of the Moabites. She went as far as telling Naomi:

Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

Ruth 1:16 NIV

She clearly aligned herself with her mother-in-law and by faith, she accompanied her to a new land and a people whom she had never met. Ruth’s ‘fresh start’ was born from a dire situation wherein both she and her mother-in-law found themselves to be widows and Naomi was left without two sons and a husband. Looking at the situation from a human perspective, this does not sound like a fresh start or anything to sing a new joyous song about.

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Aligning with God

Because of her desire to align herself with Naomi and her God, Ruth’s life changed miraculously. When they arrived in Bethlehem, without provision, the Lord intervened and led Ruth to Boaz’ property. By faith, Ruth aligned herself with Naomi and the effect of it was that the Lord aligned Ruth with Boaz, without her knowing the plans He had for her to prosper in advance.

When we align ourselves with the Lord’s Word and His will, He makes a way where there is none and He creates breakthroughs that we cannot comprehend!

Maybe you have something you are trusting for or battling with? May we, as children of the Highest, align ourselves with Him and His will for us, the way Ruth did ages ago, and may His miraculous intervention in our lives cause us to sing new songs of praise!

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Written by Jean Lung

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