Is there a difference between faith & trust?

Written by on 7 Jun 2021

We live in faith every day, the basis of being a Christian is believing without seeing (Hebrew 11:1). But then God’s Word tells us to trust in Him with all our heart (Proverbs 3:5-6) and all of a sudden it becomes more difficult. To trust Him with all my heart means that I give everything to Him and control of my life is placed completely in His hands. Trust then becomes faith in action!

I read the following story and it made me think.

What it means to trust

Blondin was quite the showman, he had a knack for engaging the crowd, stirring up suspense and excitement. Upon completing one attempt, he asked the crowd if they believed a second attempt would be a successful one. The crowd unanimously agreed it would. Always looking to better his last great feat, Blondin now asked the crowd if they believed he could cross the falls on the tightrope while pushing a wheelbarrow. Having seen his previous stunt, and how seemingly easy it was for him, the crowd had no doubt he could pull off this new, more difficult one. Again, the response was unanimous, the crowd had no doubt “The Great Blondin” could do it! 

Blondin was ready to attempt this amazing feat that only he could do, but before he set out on the rope, he had one last question for the crowd: “Which of you will ride in the wheelbarrow?” The crowd was frozen, still, silent. Not a single man or woman responded to his challenge.

All of those people witnessed Blondin cross the falls on the rope. They could easily believe that he could perform the more difficult stunt.

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Yet, when it came time to act on those beliefs, they were silent…still. They did not trust him. Many of us have seen what God can do, He has done amazing things in our lives and so we believe (faith)… but when He calls us to “ride” with him (trust), will we sit silent? Will we stand still?

May we learn to trust God with all our heart, may we ask Him to guide us while we place our trust in Him. For more inspiration, find our podcasts on iono.fm.

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