Jesus’ resurrection & Easter: Three days later

Written by on 2 Apr 2021

When I think of Easter and Jesus who has given His life for us on the cross so that we could live (John 3:16) I cannot help but think of His resurrection three days later.

Jesus’ death on the cross is the saddest incident in the history of mankind; which has been transformed to the most glorious moment within three days. For mankind and earth itself, only His return will top His resurrection!

From death to everlasting life

Think of it, Jesus took believers from death to everlasting life within three days. He conquered the grave and removed the sting of death, giving us everlasting life and hope. In my eyes, He is not only my Lord and King but my absolute hero!

I heard someone saying the other day, ‘you only have one life, live it!’. He referred to living a ‘free’ life during which everything and anything ‘goes’. He voiced his wish to experience ‘everything’ he could during ‘this’ life, denying Jesus in the process.

Remember the old TV series A-team? BA Baracus usually said: ‘Sucker, fool!” when someone has been tricked. Well, that was my first thought: Sucker, fool! – you have been tricked…

Through the blood of Jesus we are already living eternal life.

Why? Because we have an eternal life to live. Not one life here and another life one day in heaven. It is the same life! Through the blood of Jesus, we are already living eternal life – the way we think (for or against Jesus) influences our eternity. What we do and say will influence people’s choices which could lead to eternal life through Jesus Christ – or death. It remains a choice; the Lord does not force us to accept Him – we need to choose Him.

May we as believers willingly choose Him every second of our (eternal) lives.

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