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Bahle Nhlapho is a devoted Christian who loves life and has a great passion for spreading the Good News on Radio Pulpit.

She was born and raised in the Maboloka village outside Brits in the North West Province. Bahle learned the values of life and Christianity from her grandmother and aunt, who raised her.

They taught me a lot about the faith and emphasized that if I want to be a better person, I need to know who Jesus Christ is.

After she matriculated in 1996, she wanted to become a nurse. But, unfortunately, this dream could not be fulfilled due to a lack of finances to do so. “I, however, believe that this could also have been a hidden blessing because today God is using me to spread His Word,” Bahle testifies. Now, Bahle not only knows who Jesus Christ is, but she helps thousands of others to understand the Truth through her radio programmes.

It was not an overnight journey and took many years of learning and understanding what radio is. Bahle volunteered for more than three years at a local community radio station called Lethlabile Community Radio in the North West. She took this time to learn as much as she could, with the hope of one day expanding her career. In 2007 she joined Radio Pulpit.

Bahle also loves reading and believes in equipping herself through books.

She loves to usher listeners into their day with prayer, praise and worship and the reading of the Word of God. She is also passionate about music and loves serving God, listeners and artists, established and upcoming alike, with her programmes on Radio Pulpit.

Join Bahle Nhlapho on Radio Pulpit for Mphatlalatsane weekdays at 04:00 and Jula Ezwini Sundays at 14:00.

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