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Dwain van Rensburg is a businessman, professional mental coach, school principal, pastor, radio presenter and a master of ceremonies with a passion for God, his family, youth, music and sport.

Dwain Christopher van Rensburg

His first name, Dwain, means “The Rock”, and his second name, Christopher, means “Christ-like”.

I try to make the meaning of my names a part of my daily life. Someone planted on the unshakeable Rock, who is our King.

Dwain openly shares about the mistakes he made in his life. He reminds people that your true character is not measured according to the number of times you fell but rather by the number of times you stood back up to rectify those mistakes.

Dwain is married to Anri, who he says is why he is where he is in life. “She fully supports me in every aspect of my life,” Dwain says. They have two children, Diana, nine, and Dihandre, seven years old. Dwain says that his children taught him the true meaning of the heart of the Father. “When I held Diane, I could, for the first time, feel the heart of the Father and understand His sacrifice; how His heart must have felt when He sacrificed His Son for us,” he says.


Dwain is the co-owner of the Entheos Group and Entheos Ministries, where he is also the pastor at Entheos Family Church. The group owns three schools, namely the Entheos Christian School, Jungle Junction English Campus and the Jungle Junctions Afrikaanse Kampus. Besides being a school principal, he is also a business owner. He used to play professional rugby and combines his love for sport and people when he serves as a Professional Mental Coach for Unleashed Boxing in South-African Boxing.

Dwain van Rensburg is an invaluable part of the Radio Pulpit family. He describes himself as someone who loves the working of the Holy Spirit, praise and worship and who is Kingdom-oriented. 

Listeners can tune in to Pulpit Sport on Mondays at 18:00 and Filling the Gap on Mondays from 19:00-20:00. If you missed a show you can find the podcast on iono.fm.

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