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Sharing news & testimonies through sport

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Sharing news & testimonies through sport.

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At Pulpit Sport, we not only bring you the latest in sporting news from across the world from all sporting disciplines, but we also share testimonies through sport.

Christian sportsmen- and women join us to share their journeys on and off the sports fields. Listeners get to know their favourite sports personalities better while also drawing strength from their testimonies about what God has done in their lives.

Sport goes far beyond the field. Its influence and excitement are more than just the 90 minutes that rugby players pass the rugby ball around to get that try! The lives of the sports enthusiasts are about more than just their blaring vuvuzelas while they cheer for their favourite soccer player to get the ball to the back of the net.

Be a good sport and tune in to Pulpit Sport presented by Dwain van Rensburg for details on sporting events, discussions, information and encouragement. Dwain is a professional mental coach, school principal, pastor, and radio presenter. He has a passion for God, his family, youth, music and sport. He used to play professional rugby and combines his love for sport and people when he serves as a Professional Mental Coach for Unleashed Boxing in South-African Boxing.

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