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Bridging the gap between young and old

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Promoting dialogue between generations.

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Bridging the gap between young and old is what Filling the Gap on Radio Pulpit aims to do. It helps create a multi-generational society that glorifies God.

The programme expertly addresses issues, such as drug abuse, peer pressure, young marriages and more.

The aim is to help teenagers and young adults navigate the challenges of this life. Mothers, fathers, grandparents and well-known professionals join in on the programme to share their wisdom and also learn from the youth perspective. Role models, such as Mr South Africa, share their testimonies in the hope of inspiring young people to reach for purpose. To keep working towards being all that God has called them to be.

Filling the Gap – Radio Pulpit

The programme aims to promote dialogue between generations. To teach our youth the importance of expressing oneself through words. Open communication between the different ages is essential to filling the gap. Filling the Gap creates the platform.

Dwain van Rensburg is our presenter, and he has extensive experience in this field. He is a professional mental coach, school principal, pastor, and radio presenter. He is passionate about God, his family, youth, music and sport. Dwain is also the co-owner of the Entheos Group and Entheos Ministries. The group owns three schools namely the Entheos Christian School, Jungle Junction English Campus and the Jungle Junctions Afrikaanse Kampus. Dwain used to play professional rugby and combines his love for sport and people when he serves as a Professional Mental Coach for Unleashed Boxing in South-African Boxing. He describes himself as someone who loves the working of the Holy Spirit, praise and worship and who is Kingdom-oriented.

In Filling the Gap, Radio Pulpit aims to help teenagers and youth to create a multi-generational society that glorifies God and adds value to the Kingdom of God.

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