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Today, Tyrell Haag is a trusted voice in Christian radio broadcasting and Radio Pulpit.

Tyrell Haag – Background

Tyrell is a pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in Johannesburg, North South Africa. He also lectures apologetics and evangelism at the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa.

The Lord graciously saved him at the age of seven. After various trials and blessings, he began to work as a youth pastor in 2004. At the end of 2007, God called him a student pastor to Constantia Park Baptist Church, where he worked under Pastor Martin Holdt.

At the end of 2008, he started as associate pastor. Then, in early 2011, the Lord laid it on his heart to plant a church in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Thus began services at Heritage Baptist Church on 2 January 2011.

He has an Honours Degree from the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa with course work for a Master’s in Nouthetic (Biblical) Counselling. He has a passion for apologetics and polemical issues. In 2014, he began work on a Masters in Systematic Theology. He longs to see the gospel permeate South Africa and is convinced of its power to change lives. To bring real hope and the power of God for salvation.

Tyrell lives with his beautiful wife Ainsley and three children. Together, they strive to see the gospel make progress in South Africa.

Radio Pulpit

He was introduced to radio by Martin Holdt. Tyrell stood in for him when he could not do his radio programmes. Today, Tyrell is a trusted voice in Christian radio broadcasting. His purpose in life is to see the lost come to know Jesus Christ. To see Christians grow in maturity, living out the fullness of what it means to be one with Christ.

Tyrell Haag aims to impact listeners by bringing the Word of God on Radio Pulpit with solid theology historically taught by the church into their lives. So listeners can grab a chair and join Word to the World with Tyrell.

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