Renewed minds see things differently

Written by on 30 Apr 2022

The ability to see things differently can turn impossible situations around.

When visiting with friends in front of a fireplace on a cold winter’s evening, discussions unfold. One such evening lead to a topic of discussion that made me think about the word ‘expectation’ in a totally different way. While I was enjoying a cup of delightful warm soup, one of my friends mentioned that expectations can be limiting, but expectancy leads to freedom.

Expectation vs expectancy

I immediately frowned. What did he mean? He went on to explain: expectation often means that we rely on something specific created in our own mind, while expectancy offers the possibility that something is about to happen. Is there really a difference? This made me think.

Most Jews had the expectation that their Saviour would be a king, reigning from a throne. He would lead them to long-awaited freedom. Then Jesus arrived – the King above all kings – born in a stable. According to logical thinking, this did not meet expectations – it just did not make any sense.

Those who were humble and wise enough to recognize Him praised Him. Others gave Him gold, incense and myrrh. Unlike the general expectation of praise, fame and power associated with an earthly king, the expectancy that was realised was that Jesus has worn a crown made of thorns. He gave his life, under mockery and extreme pain, and overcame death. This changed everything.

I sometimes wonder whether I would’ve recognised Him as the King of kings? This thought encourages me to seek the face of God and ask Him to continuously renew my mind (according to His Word). I do not wish to miss out on anything that He has planned. I then throw all specific expectations overboard. Rather looking forward with expectancy to what He has planned in His unique, powerful and divine wisdom.

The King of kings has redeemed us with His blood so that we can rule over circumstances with authority in His name. It takes faith to understand that logic only takes one as far as the flesh. The way that the Holy Spirit operates often does not make logical sense, but when we make ourselves available to the Lord to renew our minds, we can look forward with expectancy to what He has had planned for you and me before the foundation of the earth.

Written by Jean Lung.

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