Let’s ponder on Hope

Written by on 8 May 2022

I once, many years ago, wished a friend well by saying: “I hope your plans will succeed”. This caused quite a stir because he was not happy with my wish for his future. He made it very clear that I must have faith and KNOW that he WILL succeed.

Years later I discovered that this is exactly what HOPE refers to. This fact is even acknowledged in the general definition of the word “hope”. Hope means to desire with anticipation. Anticipation is defined as “a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen” or “the act of preparing for something” (Mirriam-Webster Dictionary).

Faith and hope intertwined

There is a direct link between hope and FAITH. The Biblical definition of faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11:1, KJV). You, therefore, need to have HOPE in order to receive faith. Faith celebrates something that is certain, that through hope was visualised as future. This means that Hope is anticipation and faith is EVIDENCE.

Before Jesus was born, the people of Israel were looking forward to his birth. They anticipated the future and were excited about this magnificent event, while they waited for the prophecies to be fulfilled. Then it happened: Hope became evident. Jesus was born and became FAITH – the evidence of what was hoped for.

What are you hoping for? For a breakthrough in your family life, a new job, for a friend to be saved… You are allowed to hope and dream, to anticipate that you will receive your desire in line with the will and Word of God. Jesus became faith. Through Him our “hopes” become evident, He is faith in action.

I want to ask you to ponder on that which you hope for, to take it to the ONE who became FAITH and trust Him to fulfil your hope and make it evident. I know I will.

Written by Jean Lung.

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