My house and I will serve the Lord

Written by on 14 Jan 2022

Can a broken family still boldly claim to stand for and serve the Lord?

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD

Joshua 24.15

Years ago, I made the crucial decision that I would serve the Lord in everything I do. I was one of a bunch of people who committed to doing so at a youth conference. The speaker made it very clear that it is a serious matter when you minister full-time or perceive your work as a ministry (and not merely as a job).

Although working in die Communications industry, my focus has been to assist Christian businesses and media in growing and attaining their goals. However, work was not the challenging part concerning ‘I will serve the Lord’. My house and I (my husband and two daughters) served the Lord and loved Him, but unfortunately, the enemy got hold of my husband’s belief system and actions. It led to an unforeseen and devastating divorce.

Serve the Lord through brokeness

But I was still adamant: ‘My house and I will serve the Lord’. The promise I made many years before was ‘engraved into my heart – because of His love. Divorce is something that the Lord hates, with good reason. It is NEVER the first option, and when a family ‘breaks up’, two sides are created. In my case, one side chose to serve the Lord, and the other side did not. What now? Can I still say that my house and I will serve the Lord?

Yes, I can! And so can you, whether you are the head of a ‘normal’ or ‘broken’ family. On the contrary – in the case of a ‘broken’ family, you cannot afford to not stand boldly for what (Who) you believe in. By God’s grace, we win battles when the enemy tries to steal and destroy even further. The battle belongs to the Lord.

Parents’ example of trusting the Lord and serving Him open-heartedly is crucial for any family. My our families continue to serve the Lord and trust Him to protect, restore and provide for us – sometimes against all odds.

To serve the Lord is the biggest gift parents can give children, and so, my house and I will continue to serve the Lord.

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Written by Jean Lung.

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