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Janine van Niekerk is an award-winning radio broadcaster and co-host of Good News Time on Radio Pulpit. She is also an inspirational speaker, writer, MC and voice-over artist.

Janine van Niekerk – Background

Janine is married to Cecil van Niekerk and is mother to three beautiful children; Paul and a set of twins, Elmien and Leila. She is an avid runner and creative media evangelist. With her skills in written media, social media and her blog, she connects people to the Word of God and His divine purpose for their lives.

She is an expert in South-African Gospel music and shares her knowledge with listeners on her music programme, Colourful.  Janine also uses this gift to help impact and expand the gospel industry for His glory. She is the manager of the SAMA-award winning Afrikaans gospel artist, Retief Burger.

In 2015 Janine partnered with Radio Pulpit to compile a book filled with real-life testimonies. In May that year the book, “Aangename Kennis Here”, released. Janine also anonymously released a CD for children called “Stuurwielstories” of stories about how the “Agies” discovered basic, radical, Christianity. It made a huge impact with more than 11 000 CD’s distributed. “Stuurwielstories” was also translated into English as “Wonderstories.”

Janine holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of the Freestate and a Journalism Diploma from the University of South Africa. She also obtained a Marketing Diploma from Technicon Pretoria, as well as a Certificate in Voice Training from Voiceover SA.

She loves sharing her passion for gospel music and bringing the Good News of Christ to Radio Pulpit listeners. Through her radio programmes, she wishes to uplift listeners and share the message of hope to South Africa and beyond.

You can listen to Janine van Niekerk on Radio Pulpit in Colourfuland Good News Time.

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