You made me wonderful!

Written by on 25 October 2022

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? Why do things bother you so much but not other people? Why do you get excited about certain things? One’s personality – the way God wired us – is the reason! Each of us has a dominant personality; if you understand and know yourself better, some things make much more sense.

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

PS 139:13-17

The four basic personalities

Do you know the four basic personalities? Do you know which one you are more dominant in? Do you perhaps identify yourself in one of the following personality types:

  1. Choleric personality: Strong leader, likes to be “in charge”, can delegate easily, can appear angry and cold, is more task-oriented, likes conflict.
  2. Phlegmatic personality: Calm, does not get easily emotional, peace-maker, emotionally very stable, calm nature, does not like conflict.
  3. Sanguine personality: Lives to be social, extrovert, talks loud and a lot, laughs loudly, has many friends, very busy, can’t sit still, always looking for adventure, prefers hanging out over work, people-oriented.
  4. Melancholic personality: Artists temperament, artistic, likes fine detail, perfectionist, emotional, sometimes has trouble making decisions, likes performances etc.

Each of these four basic personalities has a place where their “batteries get charged” – an essential ingredient for internal health.

  • The Choleric personality enjoys tasks – for the Choleric Charles or Carla, being productive is what gives them energy. Business = fulfilment.
  • Sanguine Shaun or Sophie, enjoy adventure. The more fun, the better. They must be among people. A sanguine person should not be alone for too long. Loneliness drains their energy! People and adventure make them bloom.
  • Phlegmatic Phil or Phoebe prefers alone time. Nothing drains their energy more than being around people for too long. Alone time feeds them!
  • Melancholy Mike or Michelle prefers order and routine – it calms them down. And the more detail, the better! They are very attentive to fine detail.

Could you identify yourself?

Each of these personalities can be used powerfully by God. Each has specific characteristics that the other does not. And when we know ourselves better, we understand ourselves and our family members better. Many misunderstandings can be avoided if we know each other’s personalities better. Many struggles with our children can be avoided or handled differently if we better understand our children’s personalities.

Discover who YOU are and how God has woven YOU together. It’s an important component to be a healthy, whole person who can live out his talents and potential, which God has placed in them!

Written by Sanet Deysel. For more inspiration read our daily devotional, The Word for Today.

Read more about the four personalities in Beverly LaHaye‘s “The Spirit-Controlled Woman.”

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