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Lynette Beer presents a small but powerful programme on Radio Pulpit during Good News Time. She is an internationally acclaimed Speaker and her podcasts are one of our listener highlights of the week.

Lynette Beer does courses all over South Africa about Personal Development as well as Human Behaviour. God called her to use her talents and fulfil her life purpose by helping to unlock true human potential. One of the ways she fulfils this mandate is via her Radio Pulpit inspirational messages. She delivers these with incredible insight into human behaviour and humour. 

According to Lynette, the alpha and omega of almost every single human issue, are relationships.

To be content personally, and to be successful professionally, you must first have a healthy relationship with yourself, and secondly, develop symbiotic relationships with others. 

To accomplish this, we first need a solid understanding of self and others, and so Lynette set out to demystify and simplify the dynamics of people. She developed the internationally recognised “Four-Colour Temperament Model”, an adaptation of one of the oldest personality systems in the world also referred to as the Four Temperament Theory.

Tune in for “Seeds of Inspiration” with Lynette Beer every Thursday on Radio Pulpit. It’s 20 minutes of life-changing words.

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