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A traditional gospel singer who has been raised by God for a time such as this.

Solly Msiza is the presenter of the Radio Pulpit Taxi Show

Editor of the Christian women’s magazine, Lééf.

Godfrey has been part of the team that helped grow the Pulpit Media Brand.

His calling is to proclaim the Gospel, whether from a pulpit or behind a microphone.

Share in the revelation of the Word of God with Franz.

"I see radio as a powerful way to share God’s amazing love." 

A respected and much-loved Radio Pulpit presenter with more than a decade's worth of experience. He is also our Sales Executive.

A radio presenter, journalist, social developer, pastor & strategist.

A radio presenter, author, pastor, speaker and accomplished lecturer.

Pieter van Wijk has 20 years of experience in radio broadcasting.

A pastor, worship leader, Bible teacher, and radio presenter.

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