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Wynand has a gift for radio broadcasting to serve nations.

A gifted communicator, actress and storyteller on various platforms.

A qualified sound engineer and presenter at Radio Pulpit.

Teaching listeners about the responsible use & interpretation of the Bible.

Businessman, professional mental coach, school principal, pastor & radio presenter.

Bertha Le Roux-Wahl is widely respected in media as an actress and radio presenter.

Five minutes of life-changing words. Advertise on Radio PulpitSponsor this presenter

A traditional gospel singer who has been raised by God for a time such as this.

Meet South African taxi industry specialist Solly Msiza, presenter of the Radio Pulpit Taxi Show Advertise Radio PulpitSponsor this presenter.

Editor of the Christian women’s magazine, Lééf.

Godfrey has been part of the team that helped grow the Pulpit Media Brand.

His calling is to proclaim the Gospel, whether from a pulpit or behind a microphone.

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